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[   ]BeeSpelled.deb 16M

Fun spelling game!

[   ]iDracula.deb 14M

Vampire hunter fights against the horde of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Dracula himself!

[   ]AncientWar.deb9.6M

Play as a God of a tribe and defeat your enemies!

[   ]iDCWall.deb9.5M

Revolutionary 3D brick breaking game

[   ]Medieval.deb8.8M

Epic castle defense game

[   ]CrazyMachines.deb8.5M

Famous brain-twisting puzzle game!

[   ]iGirl.deb7.0M

The iGirl - a beautiful 3-dimensional female model

[   ]HEX.deb6.7M

An exciting, colorful Action-Puzzle Game

[   ]iMetro.deb6.5M

Metro maps for 28 cities

[   ]Reflexion.deb5.9M

Very nice arkanoid clone, many great features

[   ]PebbleJump.deb5.8M

A unique puzzle game inspired by 'Checkers'&'Peg Solitaire'

[   ]Flexis.deb5.8M

Innovative physics-based tetris

[   ]Galcon.deb5.4M

Awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game

[   ]Enigmo.deb3.2M

Famous 3D puzzle game!

[   ]MathPack.deb3.1M

A package with 6 math apps

[   ]Pirates.deb2.6M

Rule the pirate ship - destroy your enemies!

[   ]ReaddleDocs.deb2.4M

Complete document management solution

[   ]NightStand.deb2.3M

Nice electronic clock with alarm

[   ]MinivMac.deb1.5M

Mini vMac Mac Plus emulator

[   ]QlockTwo.deb665K

Original word clocks

[   ]iStat.deb645K

Detailed stats for iDevice and remote Mac, Linux, Solaris

[   ]Spawn.deb570K

App to create illuminating patterns similar to fireworks

[   ]WSCW.deb439K

Winterboard wallpaper theme with weather and seconds clock

[   ]StumblerPlus.deb434K

Scan wi-fi networks and gather detailed info about them

[   ]iOS3Folders.deb290K

DEB package

[   ]QInit.deb197K

Quick application mapping and starting

[   ]HTMLCheatSheet.deb110K

HTML tags - documentation and descriptions

[   ]PHPCheatSheet.deb107K

PHP Cheat Sheet is a one-page reference sheet, listing date format arguments, regular expression syntax and common functions

[   ]JavaScriptCheatSheet.deb100K

JavaScript cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing methods and functions of JavaScript

[   ]txtPedia.deb 87K

txtPedia delivers over 1,500 texting, SMS and IMing abbreviations and their meanings to your iPhone

[   ]BashOr.deb 52K

Bash.Org.Ru Viewer

[   ]CSSCheatSheet.deb 44K

CSS Cheat Sheet is a reference sheet, listing CSS properties and values.

[   ]NoRotation.deb 36K

Disable orientation change in iPod and Safari

[   ]LookInside.deb 25K

Detailed device info

[   ]QInitMS.deb 17K

Quick application mapping and starting [MobileSubstrate Plugin]

[   ]RepoStuff.deb7.2K

DEB package

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